Windery reklamowe w naszej ofercie


Beachflags also known as batfan, beach flag, beachflags, flayer, banner flayinmg or simply advertising sails are an excellent and effective form of outdoor and indoor advertising. Winders allow you to perfectly display your company logo, slogan, product or service. Beach flags are a very useful element of outdoor events, events, fairs or advertising facilitating the location of the company. The ability to quickly unfold, assemble and transport this system makes advertising sails, winders one of the most-popular promotional and advertising tools.

Advantages of winders, beachflags The main advantage of windery type advertising flags is their wide use. They are perfect for the outside, where due to their shape and properties they flutter in the wind and reach the potential customer dynamically.

A properly selected base for the mast allows it to be installed in all conditions. Features of advertising sails such as low weight and the possibility of folding make winders work well inside buildings, e.g. in offices, shops, exhibition halls, markets and commercial stands. Quick and easy assembly allow you to easily move the beach flag and transport to anywhere. Application Winder advertising flags are used at events, events, fairs, rallies or as an advertisement increasing the company's visibility, for example at an event, sporting event or next to the company.

A wide range of basics gives you the opportunity to promote your business with the help of an advertising flag in different places and of various sizes from 290cm up to 550cm.

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Beach flag S 290cm

Product advantages: one pole – many shapes low cost quick assembly aluminium + fibreglass firts to all types of bases

Price zł73.00

Winder flaga reklama dwustronna

Beachflag  - wysokość od 260 do 550cm.  Składany aluminiowy. Pokrowiec. W cenie flaga z Twoją grafiką. Materiał poliester 115g. Druk CMYK.

Flaga dwustronna z wszytym czarnym materiałem blokującym.

Price zł140.00

Winder L 450cm

Beachflag L - wysokość 450cm komplet do montażu (flaga, maszt, podstawa typu szpic). Składany aluminiowy. Pokrowiec. W cenie wydrukowana flaga z Twoją grafiką. Materiał poliester 115g. Windery reklamowe winder żagiel huzar żagle flaga flagi plażowe eventowe sportowe na event na biegi na maraton reklama produktu maszty maszt bowflag drop flag feather flag banner outdoor custom flag teadrop

Price zł145.00

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